Low Velocity Impact Accident

January 06, 2015 / motor-vehicle-collisions

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In a lot of cases you do get injured, but feel just fine (shaken-up), your car is not overly damaged, the ambulance is or isn`t called, x-rays and a complete and proper work-up (in the case an ambulance is dispatched) is generally limited to the paramedic asking you some questions or not performed at all in the case of no ambulance.

As if being involved in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) wasn`t enough, you soon realize that your pain doesn`t seem to be taken as seriously as you would like it to be.

After all, it was a Low Velocity Accident and your car did not have much damage. What you generally experience is slight pain and stiffness in your neck relatively soon after the injury. This typically subsides after a week to a few weeks and does not come back for approximately one to three years, but when it comes back, it comes gradually and you and your family doctor cannot find anythying recent to correlate your symptoms to. These symptoms ARE a result of the accident, but since the damage is limited and usually small (like a bruise), it causes slow changes in tissues that become evident months to years after the injury. Unfortunately, your insurance/legal claim has, in most instances, already been settled.

Finding out which tissues have been injured is still possible and a proper work-up and examination can reveal the cause of your symptoms.

The biggest benefit to you now, if anything, is to help in choosing the most effective treatment for you.Effective therapy can now take place.

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