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Day 2 saw us leaving Three Isle Lake and ascending to Northover Ridge in deteriorating conditions, culminating in gale force winds, near white out visibility and (briefly) driving rain. Last month when we attempted Northover Ridge we ran into heavy snowpack and had to turn back. Northover Ridge in Kananaskis Country is a typically 3 day hike through some of the most scenic terrain in Kananaskis Country in Alberta. The only weekend I can make it to the Rockies is July 13, 14, 15. Northover Ridge. A HUGE thank you to my friends Brooke, Steve, and Orrie for helping me today to fulfill a dream 15 years in the making! Northover Ridge is best done in a clockwise loop starting from the Interlakes Parking lot. It's a Regular size geocache, with difficulty of 1, terrain of 4.5. Northover Ridge is a 36 km loop located in the Kananaskis Region in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park along the Continental Divide. Ben Nephew. The trail begins on the Upper Kananaskis Lake trail. Add this to your list if you love exposure, a little route finding and ridge running! My group and I opted to admire the views from below after stepping off scree to wallow in 45cm of isothermal slush on the flats a ways below the base of the ascent slope. Sep 11, 2014. I figured the 10 days of Stampede partying was perfect training for a 40ish km hike/climb. I’m doing the Northover Route this weekend. The Northover Ridge loop is a beautiful trail that will take you along a high alpine ridge and past three mountain lakes Near Canmore, Alberta. 25 Aug 2013 North side of Kananaskis Lake. Chris begins hiking the more difficult section of Northover Ridge. Ben Nephew. We started from the Upper Lakes parking area, but this means an extra (boring) 5 km hike from Interlakes to Upper lakes at the end of the trip which I remember sucking big time. Ben Nephew. Northover Ridge Gillean Daffern considers this the best backpacking trip in all of the Canadian Rockies, and we decided to do the entire thing in one day. This is the point on the Northover trail that may challenge your sense of height exposure as the path narrows to about a foot and a half wide with vertical drop-offs on both sides. 25 Aug 2013 Setting out along the north side of Upper Kananaskis Lake, around 8am. Just wondering if anyone has done it this season and could let me know what the conditions are like. FKT Report: Narragansett Trail in Connecticut by Ben Nephew. There is not much for trails through the basin, but the scree slope ahead is obvious. First of all, a taster of what lies ahead: We’d all been talking about running Northover Ridge for a while. The most common itinerary for doing this loop involves hiking in to Three Isle Lake on the first day, heading up to Northover Ridge and back down to Aster Lake on the second day, then hiking out on the third day. Being guys we decided it would be a good idea to attempt this in one day. Ben Nephew. Mount Northover Weather (Days 0-3): The weather forecast for Mount Northover is: A light covering of new snow mostly falling on Thu morningTemperatures will be well below freezing (max -10°C on Fri night, min -14°C on Sat afternoon)Winds increasing (light winds from the WSW on Thu night, gales from the WSW by Fri night). So, last weekend Ryan, Adam and I set out to attempt Northover again. This trip was my first backcountry trip and I have done it again since its one of the most spectacular. Hiking info, trail maps, and 10 trip reports from Northover Ridge (2,830 m) in Alberta Once around the lake, the trail will bend south, and you'll head through the drainage basin toward the slopes leading up to Northover Ridge. 25 Aug 2013 Lower Kananaskis Falls. We tackled the epic Northover Ridge, an… You’ll hike over ridge lines, through alpine meadows and past perfect lakes. Northover Ridge Route . FKT Report: 2014 Mahoosuc Traverse by Ben Nephew & Ryan Welts! Breakneck Ridge FKT by Ben Nephew! This is "Northover Ridge - Kananaskis" by Ewen Clark on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. 25 Aug 2013 North side of Upper Kananaskis Lake. Day 1 - Aster Lake. I’m doing the Northover Route this weekend. Also, see this image on my page which is great for showing this in full screen or on a 3D monitor/TV! Apr 29, 2014. Ben Nephew. Nov 22, 2014. Northover Ridge is a fantastic but challenging multi-day hike through widely varied terrain across the border of Alberta and BC. Learn how to create your own. Rating: 5 of 5 Difficulty: Hard Length: ~33Km Elevation gain: ~1100m . Apr 17, 2017 - GPX Files: Download GPX Files Google Map: Google Map Time: 3-day round trip Day 1: 6 hours including breaks Day 2: 7 hours including breaks Day 3: 5 hours including breaks Distance: 40km round trip Day 1: 12km from Upper Kananaskis Lake to Aster Lake Campground Day 2: 12km from Aster Lake Campground to Three Isles… On September 1, 2016 I completed the climb via the South Ridge difficult scrambling route and then descended to Northover Ridge trail looping back to the Upper Lakes parking lot in 8 hours and 4 minutes car to car, solo and unsupported.Click here for gps data. This map was created by a user. Answer 1 of 9: I have done a few backpacking trips in the Rockies and have my mind set on Northover Ridge this year. Eddie takes out her camera on the high point (about 2800 metres) of Northover Ridge. Sep 11, 2014. Ben Nephew. For a month I had the same feeling of disappointment, call it OCD but with the snow season (in the mountains) fast approaching I didnt want to stew about it all winter. Answer 1 of 9: I have done a few backpacking trips in the Rockies and have my mind set on Northover Ridge this year. Northover boasts a 30 km loop and 1100 m of elevation gain. A blog about hikes, scrambles, and backcountry camping/backpacking in the Canadian Rockies. Apr 29, 2014. A popular 3 day hike can be run by advanced technical runners as quick as 5 hours. Thank you for your patience while we retrieve your images. Day 1 - Aster Lake. Ben Nephew. 25.8.2013 megan 9 Comments. DEC 16, 2020 - • Tap Architecture, 800 W California Ave., group home, remodel, $1,000,000. Hey Jason (strong name), Well...I mean some teacher dude did like one per week this year ( <-self-depricatory humor)... so clearly FKTOY isn't about the number of FKTs you do in a year, it's about the qualities of a particular FKT effort. Northover Ridge – What a trail! Dan is barely discernable on the high point of the ridge. The amazing Northover Ridge. More details at Advanced hikers / runners challenge themselves to Northover Ridge in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. 2013 Northover Ridge (August 25th) Read More. Hiking, scrambling, and mountain adventures. It is quite a climb up to the ridge, but there are some switchbacks to follow. For those interested in a two- to three-day backpacking loop with jaw-dropping views and a strenuous semi-technical ridge walk without any needed technical gear, Northover Ridge is the trip you’ve Ensure to be aware of the weather conditions as the ridge … Sep 11, 2014. From Three Isles Lake, the North end of the Northover Ridge Route is still in early season conditions (see image below) with snow occupying some of the regular ascent line. Day 1 - Aster Lake. Some trails or park services may be closed this weekend so check with local authorities before heading out. The only weekend I can make it to the Rockies is July 13, 14, 15. Mount Northover (left) and Mount Joffre (right) dominate the skyline. Vern Dewit Photography Trip Photos With roughly 1500m of elevation gain, it takes you through amazing terrain, several beautiful lakes, high up on a stunning ridge traverse, and starting/ending your trip at the wonderful Upper Kananaskis Lake. Get your red/cyan 3D glasses! Just wondering if anyone has done it this season and could let me know what the conditions are like. Map of the Northover Ridge in Kananaskis Country. Help keep our trails and parks open during COVID-19 by committing to social distancing. It's located in British Columbia, Canada.This Regular cache is located at the Northern extent to Northover ridge on the Defender Mountain Mount Northover Col. Northover Ridge is one of Kananaskis' great backpacking trips. Northover Ridge (GCXNQW) was created by Red90 on 8/11/2006. The plan had always been to do it in a day, and finally we had chosen the day. Not going to lie I remember being super tired the morning we set out to do this but we had a good weather opportunity and went for it. Photos and trail descriptions of 'Backpack Northover Ridge' and more, submitted by the Outbound community. Nov 22, 2014. With the hundreds of trails, scrambles, backpacking loops, and day hikes in the Canadian Rockies, it can sometimes be hard to pick the right trail for a group’s skill set and goals.

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