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About Whiplash Clinic

Whiplash Injury Clinic is run by Dr Sasha Blaskovich.  Patients coming here can get treatment for Whiplash, Arm Injury, Head Injury, Upper Cervical instability, Foot Injury, Neck Injury, Knee injury, Wrist Injury, Concussion, lower back pain, upper back pain, shoulders etc. 

Dr. Sasha Blaskovich (or Dr. B as many patients like to say) is a board-certified chiropractic doctor who specializes in assessing and treating head and neck injuries. After playing football for over a decade and working with injured patients for over 20 years,

Dr. Blaskovich has gained extensive first-hand experience with every possible condition, pain, and trauma associated with mild traumatic brain injury and whiplash-induced neck injuries.

Dr. Blaskovich has devoted his career to helping people going through similar problems as he has gone through with his head and neck, and has focused his continued education and training on the subject of head and neck injuries for more than 20 years.