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January 6, 2015by admin0

Patients generally get very frustrated after being referred from specialist to specialist for disability evaluations.
The spectrum of opinions for one given patient can vary from no disability, to mild, to moderate, to severe. The patient cannot comprehend why nobody knows what is wrong with them. Additionally, being told by some that there is nothing wrong with them, but yet having persistent symptoms, causes them to start seeking out therapies on their own, due to their pain, but based on aquaintances experiences and other surrounding suggestions.
Remember, evaluating for disbility is THE most crucial component in getting a patient on the right track to healing after an injury. Most whiplash and whiplash related injuries ARE treatable. Getting your patients evaluated at the Whiplash Clinic will not only remove the burden and responsibility from your shoulders, but the follow-up advice will be of great value to both the patient and yourself in getting the patient`s life back on track as they will be made well aware of their disability, limits and prognosis.
Contact us here at Whiplash Clinic and make an appointment for your patient so we can work with you to get to the bottom of their pain and discomfort.

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