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If this is you, then read this section very carefully. This comes from personal experience and comments from absolutely every patient that is, or has been in a legal situation, as a result of their accident/injury.
If you have never been involved in a motor vehicle accident, or never been personally injured on the job, or elsewhere, a brief screening at the Whiplash and Injury Clinic can serve as a major future benefit to you.
A charted and recorded healthy neck, or desired joint to be screened (i.e. shoulder, wrist, elbow), free from injuries and problems, is the best way to guarantee complete and sufficient compensation if you are ever subjected to a motor vehicle accident (MVA) or other personal/work related injury.
For example, if your job requires a lot of driving (such as a travelling salesman, truck driver, bus driver, taxi driver, delivery driver, or any other type of driver you can imagine), your chances of being in an MVA are much greater than a person with a desk job, who only goes from point A to point B each day.

If you have a job that requires a lot of driving, talk to your HR representative and have them contact us to inquire about our group screening possibilities.
Another example is, let’s say you are a construction worker that has a function which tends to strain the shoulder or wrist. Your chance of injuring one of those joints is far greater, again, than an individual whose work does not strain the shoulder or wrist.
We also offer group screening possibilities for most companies with employees at risk for injuring certain joints. Please have your HR representative contact us.
If you get injured, your workers compensation will probably try to indicate that you had a pre-existing injury or that your injury is not as severe as you may be feeling.  In both examples, if you have a charted and recorded screening evaluation at the Whiplash Clinic of these occupational “high-risk” areas, you can consider that as the cheapest and best insurance policy you could possibly have if you end up with an injury of that particular area.How does that work?  Once the facts have been recorded and saved in our database, future comparison, if necessary (in the case of an injury to that area), serves as proof of recent injury and you can not easily be accused of having a pre-existing condition causing your pain.
Getting your neck or area of interest (i.e. shoulder, elbow) screened, charted and registered in our database is probably the BEST insurance policy you can have in case of potential future whiplash or personal/work-related injury. Even if you do not have a healthy neck, further injury may result in a change in how your neck functions.  The only way to show that difference is to have a screening done at the Whiplash Clinic.

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