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It appears very evident that you have been in an MVA. Your car can go straight to the junkyard. You generally get taken by ambulance to the hospital where concussion tests among others are performed (hopefully), and in most cases x-rays and/or brain scans are done (hopefully) to rule out severe damage. If there is visible damage (i.e. broken bones or dislocations), you have a strong case for compensation due to your injury.
In most cases, however, there is no visible damage on x-rays and/or the scans and you get discharged and sent home diagnosed with a muscle strain, with advice in some cases to heat your neck (this is another BIG No-No – if there is one thing you get out of this website – Please use ICE!).
You continue to have pain, headaches, etc. You then follow up in the coming weeks with a visit to a medical professional, usually your family doctor (MD) or walk-in clinic and all that can be found are very tight muscles for which you may get prescribed muscle-relaxant medication and more heat therapy. Follow-up x-rays and testing are generally not performed and even if they are performed, are very limited. You generally begin the circuit of therapies that eventually bring you back to your MD several times, becoming increasingly frustrating for you and your MD.
Financially, all of your coverage for the conventional therapies begins to run out and you slowly stop all therapy because you can no longer afford to be treated even though you get temporary relief from those treatments. You then potentially get depressed because you repeatedly get told that nothing wrong can be found with your neck, shoulder, etc., but yet you keep on having pain and symptoms.
Is all hope lost?
Absolutely not!
That’s exactly why we started the Whiplash and Injury Clinic.

Rest assured that in the majority of cases, the cause of pain is diagnosable and treatable, but in order to get proper treatment, proper diagnosis is required. Getting proper diagnosis soon after your injury is crucial to achieving proper and effective healing.

Contact us here at the Whiplash and Injury Clinic and make an appointment to get to the bottom of your pain and discomfort.

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