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June 30, 2015by admin0

Having worked in the health and fitness industry for almost 10 years, I’ve worked with my share of athletes! From bodybuilders, to long distance runners, Olympic athletes to professional baseball players, I’ve met them all! The one thing they all share in common is that they train hard…and they train often!! What does this mean? It means they put a tremendous amount of stress on their bodies on a frequent basis!

What’s not surprising is most athletes tend to develop some kind of nagging injury at one point or another. Whether it be a stiffness, soreness, a minor strain, or a full-on muscle tear, almost all athletes will experience some kind of soft tissue injury (usually muscle or tendon related).

The good news for athletes is that more often than not these injuries are PREVENTABLE! Now we all know that a proper warm up and static stretching post-exercise are important… BUT if your soft tissues are dysfunctional, inflamed, or full of scar tissue/adhesions then that is NOT ENOUGH!

Trigger Point Therapy has been successfully shown for over 50 years to decrease or eliminate muscle pain! By using sustained, direct pressure on a specific trigger point (See our section “Why Trigger Point” for more info) you are able to break down scar tissue and adhesions, flush out lactic acid from overstrained muscles, and allow new fresh blood to fill the muscle and promote healing. This allows for optimal movement patterns which lead to improved performance!

If you’re an athlete with an injury, or an athlete that wants to PREVENT injury DO YOURSELF A FAVOR and include regular Trigger Point Therapy in your training regimen!!

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