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Your "tingling" brain and penis are more signs that you're in tip-top shape. Specifically this is something people are doing in Burma and Thailand, where my friend Koko encountered the phenomenon in a refugee camp. I masturbated vigorously for some time until I felt a very, very strange tingling sensation in my penis and even in my brain. The coconut is well known for its nutritional and medicinal properties.These properties, along with its antibacterial activity, make it useful in the treatment of urinary tract infections. Both have their pros and cons. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. In the case of penile health and enhancement, coconut oil can be combined with the likes of nutmeg, ginger, rose, lavender and cinnamon to not just enhance the healing and penile health benefits of coconut oil but also produce an essential oil that can ease and treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. what are the side effects of using a needless syringe to inject coconut oil into the urethra? Have you ever looked at a tub of coconut oil and drunkenly considered injecting some into your dick to make it larger? Or make your own lube with coconut oil. The ultimate result of the surgery is that you're going to have less of a penis than you began with [before injecting the coconut oil]. And you can feel the procedure, like that feeling when you have stitches removed. It's just a really brutal surgery. For men who suffer from an enlarged prostate which is linked to many cases of erectile dysfunction issues, virgin coconut oil can be godsent. They're not nurses or doctors; they've had no formal education and only two years of training. And these are mainly female medics. MCFA-rich coconut oil’s powerful antimicrobial properties protect your bladder and kidney from infection, preventing its spread. Dr. Romanth Waghmarae answered 38 years experience Pain Management Self injection ureth: The most common one would be infection, then trauma and injury. Koko is a med student who was attending to Karen refugees in a camp on the Thailand-Burma border. Then you're trying to tug the coconut oil off, while also whittling at it with a scalpel. For patients with chronic yeast infections, lichen sclerosis or vulvodynia (chronic pain of the vulva), coconut oil can also provide some relief form itching and burning sensations. Uh, negative. You just inject the local anesthetic in different points around the penis. Sometimes she had to operate on guys who had tried gaining an inch with a tub of oil and a syringe. Go on… For four days I ve been ... an issue like this. Basically, it makes the whole thing pointless. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Occasionally, you'll hit an artery and blood just squirts everywhere. This means that the coconut oil you used does not seep deeply into the penis — it's absorbed superficially. That means the oil can be used to get rid of UTI or bladder infection. I guess so. Coconut oil is high in lauric acid and caprylic acid meaning it can fight off both fungal and bacterial infections as well as inflammation. BMJ Open. Congratulations on your first, normal, healthy ejaculation through masturbation! So what happens when they do seek medical attention? Plus, I had a rapid heartbeat. There isn’t any research specifically on the use of coconut oil to treat UTIs. It has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties that can kill bad bacteria but does not kill the good bacteria. Sometimes we think we're somehow supposed to know about everything that's going on inside of us, but the truth is that learning about ourselves is a life-long process. What they do is they use a scalpel to cut around the penis—this is after the local anesthetic—down to the level of the actual organ. I'm a fourteen-year-old male who has been waiting a long time to see if I have the ability to ejaculate, because I have pubic hair, but hardly any of the other characteristics of being a man. Yes. But unlike antibiotics that kill harmless and even beneficial bacteria, coconut oil does it safely by targeting only the bad guys. They used to make me bandage these penises up every day, because they'd come in to get them dressed every singly day. This small amount of cannabis oil can then be placed into capsules or used in a single serving edibles recipe. I was having sex w my girlfriend and we used coconut oil as a lubricant. Now, take a deep breath, read the rest of this answer, and whatever you do, don't lay out in the sun without a bathing suit on — the sun beating down on an oil-slicked penis can make for one well-done hot dog. All rights reserved. Is this normal? When it comes to avoidance, the Interstitial Cystitis Association recommends that you try eliminating certain foodstuff from your diet one at a time to see what works for your particular co… That's putting it lightly. I also put a couple drops of clove oil in the mix as well. I mean, they're crying. They come onto the operating table, which is literally just a table with some plastic on top of it. Randomised trial of coconut oil, olive oil or butter on blood lipids and other cardiovascular risk factors in healthy men and women. They're given enough local anesthetic to numb it, but that goes away after about twenty minutes. Well this is a thing people do. This sounds horrifying. Koko is a medical student who was volunteering at a refugee camp on the Thailand-Burma border. It's called "Karen Viagra," and any description of it will etch itself onto your frontal lobe like the ultimate Cronenberg nightmare. Go Ask Alice! The "effect" can last anywhere between two and three years. How do the patients respond? I'm a fourteen-year-old male who has been waiting a long time to see if I have the ability to ejaculate, because I have pubic hair, but hardly any of the other characteristics of being a man. There are also many beverages and foods recommended for sufferers including barley milk and certain herbal teas like marshmallow root, omega 3 fatty acids found in fish like salmon and tuna are also highly recommended. I'll just always remember that little snip, snip, snip sound. To do this: Rub a small amount of oil into your forearm. Well, firstly, the coconut oil solidifies around the penis—the actual penis—so between the skin of the shaft and the organ itself. Reducing oxidative stress is a good thing period but if it gets those testosterone levels back on track, even better. Because they are so ulcerated. You had an orgasm, which usually occurs at the time that you ejaculate, and can also happen without accompanying emissions. But they're doing it when they're drunk a lot of the time. In these camps, Karen people require medical attention for a range of ailments, including this rather weird thing some of the guys get into. Make no mistake about it, that "white yellow thicky creamy liquid" was definitely 100 percent pure semen. So imagine just cutting through wax or coconut. Pee After Sex (But Maybe Not Before) In Penis and Urethra: Inanimate Objects in Orifices, I detail the hazards of inserting foreign objects into the penile opening and through the penis and urethra, in general. And now they're doing this… coconut dick surgery. Then things get bad. Your heart is the engine that pumps blood into your penis to make it hard and gets the semen up and out, among other vital functions. Or is it specific to this region? These men are just so sad. Was wondering if the coconut oil could of gotten in my urethra … Sure, the test subjects were rodents, but researchers are conclusive. The medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil possess natural antibiotic and antimicrobial properties that destroy the lipid that coats the bacteria and kills them. 5. Does this happen all over the world? Coconut oil is actually one of the best options when it comes to an alternative lube, because it has moisturizing qualities, doesn’t contain any irritating additives, and is a natural antimicrobial substance. According to one study published in Contraception journal, exposing commercial latex condoms to mineral oil for just 60 seconds can decrease their efficacy by up to 90 percent. The worst part is that when you're doing this, you can actually hear the crunching of the coconut oil. Scroll down for the step-by-step with photos. Your throbbing penis is really a result of muscle contractions that bring sperm from your testicles to your seminal vesicles and prostate, where they are mixed with fluids that result in the semen that travels up through the urethra in your penis and out the "hole" at the end called the urethral opening. Coconut Oil for UTI and Kidney Infection Coconut water has long been recognized for its healing properties on the urinary system. I cleaned and had another try later, using Vaseline this time. The Karen people are an ethnic minority trying to escape centuries of persecution in Burma, for the slightly more tolerant Thailand. I think it's quite specific to the Karen community. The two best oils on the planet for this purpose are coconut oil and castor oil. Why? It keeps skin moist and may calm burning and itching. Urinary tract infection is the infection of the urinary system that includes the kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder and urethra. I use coconut oil as a carrier oil. More rock-solid scientific evidence shows that coconut oil (just like olive oil) DOES elevate the primary male hormone. My recipe is something like this: 10 parts coconut oil 3 parts tea tree oil .5 parts clove oil Mix in a dark brown dropper bottle that is glass for propper storage. Once your doctor clears you to use an oil on your penis, do a patch test. Small Batch Cannabis Coconut Oil Here's how I make a small batch of cannabis coconut oil. This means that the coconut oil you used does not seep deeply into the penis — it's absorbed superficially. Yesterday, I masturbated, using coconut oil as a lube. I wish it was some complicated cultural thing, but really, it's just because these men have small penises, and they want them to seem bigger. No? That's what you hear and see. I never managed to get an answer. All materials on this website are copyrighted. Coconut water or juice is also reported to treat and prevent UTIs and dissolve kidney and urethral stones. In one study, coconut oil was found to reduce oxidative stress in the testes of rats, resulting in significantly higher levels of testosterone. Cover the area with a bandage. Coconut oil- If you are using coconut oil, please make sure to buy extra virgin organic coconut oil. Has Karen Viagra ever worked? Even though coconut oil for lube sounds like an all-natural and cheap option, it’s a precarious thing to play with. is not an emergency or instant response service. We joked about it for months, until last weekend, when we both realized that the other was semi-serious. Effectively, you're giving a circumcision until you're cutting around the base and basically just pulling a layer of penis off. I just did it softly and wasn't vigorous at all. Some added advantages of this oil are that it is an effective anti-fungal and hence is an additional barrier towards some STDs. Coconut oil is a specific type of saturated fat called a medium-chain triglyceride. Well, firstly, the coconut oil solidifies around the penis—the actual penis—so between the skin of the shaft and the organ itself. Copyright by The Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York. Throw coconut water into the plan of attack and your urinary tract infection symptoms should be gone in no time! So, after determining that coconut oil was safe for internal use, we decided to try it. A lubricated condom cuts down on irritation, too. Drinking plenty of fresh water every day is just as important as avoiding drinks and food that cause flare-ups. The test subjects that consumed coconut oil had way more T and even higher amounts of antioxidants in their gonads (balls) than the placebo group (4)! Cannabis Infused Oil – Small Batch – Crockpot Method 5 grams The nurses would take photos of me bandaging these penises. Khaw KT, Sharp SJ, Finikarides L, et al. Almost 50% old man among 40-59 year and 90% people those aged between 70-80 year stricken phenomenon BHP. By signing up to the VICE newsletter you agree to receive electronic communications from VICE that may sometimes include advertisements or sponsored content. I think the medics loved the fact that a white woman in her twenties was dressing all these ulcerated penises. Oh boy. Koko: Basically, Karen men inject their penises and sometimes their testicles with coconut oil, which makes the penis look and feel bigger. How To Use Coconut Oil For Balanitis This makes coconut oil very effective at killing off candida yeast. An anal yeast infection occurs when there is an overgrowth in concentrations of Candida in the anus. Or, is it really semen? Suddenly my penis throbbed extremely hard and a white yellow thicky creamy liquid came out of my penis. Then after a few years your penis just stops working. Best of luck as you continue to explore your body. I work with essential oils as a Massage Therapist so I have always had it in my office. It's not so much the pain I guess so much as being conscious while your penis is flayed in front of you. Most common prostate disruption is benign prostaic hyperplasia (BHP) or prostate enlargement. Good idea, by the way, to use some kind of lubricant when you masturbate — just avoid anything that might irritate your skin. They're just filling syringes with coconut oil and putting it under the skin. Rapid heartbeat? Because the coconut oil is injected as a liquid and solidifies. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Fortunately, there are plenty of all-natural lubes, and natural alternatives to lube, (like coconut oil) that you can try. Well there must be some success stories, otherwise, why would they do it? Can you run us through the surgery? Is there any way that the coconut oil might have seeped into my penis and been ejaculated? I am worried that this may not be semen, and might be coconut oil. Often, wide ranging lubricants are used which can be irritating and problematic as well. Coconut Oil for Balanitis and Other Penile Infections Coconut oil is high in lauric acid and caprylic acid which makes it anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. But there's a catch. First, know that because coconut oil is, well, an oil, it won’t work well with latex condoms and can increase the risk of breakage. All they have in the surgery is local anesthetic. Difficulty peeing, reduction in sensitivity, pain, and no erections, so no sex. What is happening exactly? VICE: Hi Koko, you've explained this to me a few times now, and I'm still having trouble getting my head around it. Koko took me through what she saw. Good idea, by the way, to use some kind of lubricant when you masturbate — just avoid anything that might irritate your skin. There's not one of us reading this Q&A who hasn't, at some time, lost sleep over "mysterious" lumps and liquids when getting to know our changing bodies. So it's really just that universal anxiety that runs in most men, taken to an unbelievable extreme. Your "tingling" brain and penis are more signs that you're in … Coconut oil has a chain of fatty acids, which are beneficial for human health. Shortly after we did a coconut oil extraction for edibles, Boyfriend came across an article suggesting coconut oil as a lubricant. Coconut oil contains large proportions of lauric acid and myristic acid which has a direct effect on the sexual potency and health of the prostate. If you are in an urgent situation, please visit our Emergency page to view a list of 24 hour support services and hotlines. Yesterday, I masturbated, using coconut oil as a lube. Orgasm is a reflex that results in intense sensations that are felt all over the body, but mostly around the penis, testicles, and anus in men. Then after a few years your penis just stops working. Generally adult male has risk in attack prostate disruption during his life. Semen does not mix with creams, soap, shampoo, or anything else you apply to your skin. Quicker breathing and tensing muscles are also a part of this process. Caffeine, Energy Boosters, & Other Performance Enhancing Drugs, Cigarettes, Chewing Tobacco, & Other Nicotine, Sedatives, Tranquillizers, & Other Depressants, Stomach & Other Gastrointestinal Grumblings, Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer, and Questioning (LGBTQ+), About Sex Without "Doing It" (Outercourse). Coconut oil also has a number of applications in the bedroom that make it one of the best things to keep on your bedside table.. They range from urethral strictures, to tissue erosion to infection and bleeding. Coconut oil is also used as a carrier oil when using other home remedies, like tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil.. And why do they do this? (And if Coppertone comes out with a new lotion line next summer called, Tug 'n Tan, you'll know where they got the idea.) Not only is your body developing in exciting ways, but clearly your brain is growing up, too. The most I got out of the medics was that these men wanted to be thicker and bigger. The idea was obvious. There is, however, a growing body of information about coconut oil, specifically virgin coconut oil … It takes maturity and courage to ask questions about yourself. I think shame plays a large part in them delaying medical attention. It keeps skin moist and may calm burning and itching.

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