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To comply with EDGAR’s file naming standards, the file name must be in all lower case letters and/or digits without any spaces. Scan and save the notarized authentication document as a PDF file. You must accurately and clearly label all of your exhibits. The following Regulation Crowdfunding submission form types: C, C/A, CAR, C-AR/A, C-TR, CFPORTAL, CFPORTAL/A, and CFPORTAL-W. Exhibits ATS-N EX-1 SCHD A BD, ATS-N EX-2 SCHD B BD, ATS-N EX-3 REDLINE, ATS-N EX-4 AGG STATS, and ATSN EX-5 CATG MTRC for Form ATS-N. Exhibit EX-96 of form types S-1, S-1/A, S-3, S-3/A, S-4, S-4/A, S-4 POS, POS AM, F-1, F-1/A, F-3, F-3/A, F-4, F-4/A, F-4 POS, 10-12B, 10-12B/A, 10-12G, 10-12G/A, 10-K, 10-K/A, 20-F, 20-F/A, 20FR12B, 20FR12B/A, 20FR12G, 20FR12G/A, 1-A, 1-A/A, and 1-A POS. The SEC assigns a unique number known as a CIK to each entity or individual that submits filings to the SEC. Data input errors will cause subsequent schema validation errors when the table is exported to XML. Select the form type from the Type of Filing list and select the Next button. Go back to Adobe Reader and repeat Step 2 on the second page. Select File > Options > Customize Ribbon. Follow these steps to submit an update passphrase request through the security token process. If you do not know your existing CIK, you may look it up by typing the name of the company, fund or individual associated with the CIK in the search box of either the EDGAR Company Filings. If you want to change one of your addresses to match your Mailing Address, select the “same as” check box next to the appropriate address section. The Edit Company Information Results page will then appear confirming your changes. You may also call Filer Technical Support to check on the status (202-551-8900, Option 3). Thus, if you represent an individual or company, the applicant is not you but rather the individual or company that you represent. The email will contain an accession number, which is a unique number generated by EDGAR for each electronic submission. This form must be manually signed by an authorized person and notarized, and a power of attorney must also be included if necessary. Get an explanation of your charges. 4. Refer to that accession number if contacting Filer Support regarding this submission. The notary seal or stamp must be clearly visible. 55 CIK Telecom reviews. If EDGAR detects an error within your submission, you will receive an email stating that your Form ID was suspended. 7) Click Submit. Only single spaces are allowed. The electronic Form D is accessible by logging in to the OnlineForms Management Website. Please note that this method retains a table's content; however, the table structure is not preserved. We have activated this separate EDGAR website and would like you to become familiar with it. Access the Form ID application and then select: You must complete all required fields—those fields with an asterisk to the right of the labelled field name. A third-party filing agent has submitted filings on your behalf. If you are using Wi-Fi modem/router from CIK, the SSID would be CIKxxxx (4 digits), and default password is the MAC address of your modem. Updating the passphrase—manual update process. EDGARLink Online Tool Bar. The first page will appear in Word. Two series (regardless of status) within the same filer cannot have identical names. OnlineForms Login: CIK: Password: You must enter your CIK and Password before continuing. To do so, select Document at the left of the page; then click on Validate Document. If you have also forgotten your passphrase, you must request a new passphrase (also via the EDGAR Filer Management Website) before you can generate a new password. For each ABS issuing entity to be created, provide the required information, including the issuing entity’s name (in English and consisting of up to 150 characters), email address, and a passphrase of choice for each entity. The XML Source window will populate with the XML map data. Browse for the relevant ASCII or HTML document from your computer, and add it. # $ ( ) : ; = @ ` { | } . Click OK to accept the selection or click Cancel to cancel your selection. Releasing the CCC to filing agents and financial printers—if you use a filing agent, you may release the CCC to your agent because you must include a CCC in your submission. Select CORRESP for Type. Made no later than ten (10) business days before the filing is due or, where there is no required filing date, otherwise intended to be filed. If you have not received an acceptance or suspension message within two business days, please call Filer Support at 202-551-8900 and choose Option 3. Review the page to ensure it reflects your changes. All applicants must complete this section. PLAN. Only ONE set of EDGAR codes will be valid for each individual, so it is essential that all relevant companies be given the codes. Changes to an investment company type are not automatic. See SEC Press Release 2004-89, “SEC Staff to Publicly Release Comment Letters and Responses.”. The email should include the accession number you received after you submitted the request to EDGAR and a name and phone number for the person the SEC should contact regarding the request. As a new user, you can generate EDGAR access codes—a password, password modification access code (PMAC), or CIK confirmation code (CCC)—when your initial application for EDGAR access has been accepted. The ABS depositor or sponsor may request the creation of up to 100 related ABS issuing entities in EDGAR by following these steps. 32 characters or less, including the file extension; It may contain digits 0-9; and It may have up to one period (. SEC staff will then determine whether your request will be granted based on an analysis of filer burden or expense and whether an exemption is appropriate and consistent with the public interest. Is a very private code, and only one or two persons in an organization should know it. Transmit submissions. 1. French language support - Monday to Friday: 9am EST to 10pm EST; Saturday 3. The page will display the filer’s current investment company type (e.g., N-1A) and the name, ticker, ID, and status associated with each of the filer’s series and classes (contracts). You should review the drop-down list of applicant types carefully  and be sure to select the appropriate applicant type. Navigate to the Series/Class tab within EDGARLink Online. Check ticket status. Each entity required to file on EDGAR must have its own central index key (CIK) number. The Very Official Sounding Acanac Internet Promise® We’re on our way to breaking the boundaries of what true Internet choice looks like. After the ABS issuing entity’s CIK has been created, the filer will need to create a passphrase before generating EDGAR access codes “on the fly.” Access the EDGAR Filer Management website and follow these steps. It also must include enough detail to justify the extraordinary request. The restored file will then pre-populate with all of your previous information. The name you have selected is a duplicate of an existing name. 7. It is the responsibility of the individual designated as the contact for EDGAR on the Form ID to provide these codes to the EDGAR filing parties, and to keep the codes secure. Only one applicant per Form ID is allowed. 2) Scroll all the way down and click Advanced. Select the radio button next to the series or class (contract) you want to update. 4. See EDGAR Filer Manual Vol. To do so, they must check the box on Form 424H that asks if the filing relates to a serial company. The access codes will only be displayed once, so you must record them prior to exiting the acknowledgment page. EDGAR will remove the following words if they are the first word of the name—A, An, The. If you also wish to include a PDF version of your CORRESP document with the ASCII or HTML CORRESP submission (remember the PDF submission is not official and must be accompanied by an official ASCII or HTML submission): Click on the Documents tab, and select Add Document. You can log in to EDGAR using any valid CIK-password combination. Regarding broker-dealers—a broker-dealer does not request a new CIK. II, Section 7 > Preparing and Transmitting EDGARLink Online Submissions > Correspondence Submissions and Documents).The request must be submitted under the company’s central index key (CIK) and signed by an authorized legal representative of the company. Enter your CIK and CCC and click the Continue button. 1) Click the Chrome menu icon (three stacked dots in the upper right-hand corner) > click on Settings. If you save your Form ID application with the passphrase entered, and then restore the submission, the passphrase will not be restored. 1. 4. 1. Retrieve and/or edit company and submission data. Return to the Form ID application. Save the file as an Adobe PDF, keeping in mind the following file name restrictions: 6. If you wish, you can print this page using your browser’s print function. Give us call, email or fill out the form and we'll be in touch with you. The passphrase: Use the EDGAR Filer Management Website to submit a request for a new passphrase; the request must be accepted by the SEC. Individuals or companies requesting access to EDGAR must complete online on the EDGAR Filer Management website a form known as the Uniform Application for Access Codes or Form ID. S/C Funds include those investment companies whose last registration statement (excluding registrations on Form N-14) and/or post-effective amendment was filed on: Series and class (contract) IDs are created and their names are established on certain registration statement and pre- and post-effective amendment filings specified in Volume II of the EDGAR Filer Manual (e.g. May have up to one period (. Select the appropriate submission type > Go to Form. An accession number only confirms receipt of the submission, not that the submission was accepted and processed by EDGAR. EDGAR will convert junior to JR and senior to SR. The changes outlined in the technical specifications will note the date that these changes, if related regulations are approved, are scheduled to take effect. 5) If it says Blocked (recommended), click on it and switch the notch to blue where it will read Allowed. You may in addition submit an unofficial PDF version of a CORRESP, however, EDGAR will not accept the PDF unless it is accompanied by an official version of the CORRESP in ASCII or HTML. A passphrase, consisting of eight (8) characters, that filers create during the process of applying for EDGAR access (Form ID). The Filer Technical Support team is available Monday through Friday, except federal holidays, 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Follow these steps: If you allow your password to expire, you will be locked out of EDGAR and will need to generate a new set of EDGAR access codes (PMAC, password, CCC) via the EDGAR Filer Management Website using your passphrase. This includes updating names, tickers and statuses in EDGAR. The Online Forms Management Website will guide you through the process. Since you cannot save your online submissions, you must transmit them immediately after their preparation. After you have saved the application, print the Form ID by selecting the PRINT icon at the top of the Form ID page. Include a description such as the state of incorporation to distinguish your company. Only ABS depositors or sponsors can create new ABS issuing entities at the time of filing a preliminary prospectus under Securities Act Rule 424(h) (creating ABS issuing entities “on the fly”). Select CORRESP from the submission type drop down list. EDGARLink Online features a tool bar—located in the upper block of the screen—to help you perform basic functions like save, restore, print, submit, exit, and view EDGARLink Online help. If you choose to attach a document consisting of an organizational chart to your 13-H filing, it must be uploaded as a readable PDF document with scanned images that have been parsed for character recognition to pass EDGAR validation. Please be sure the file name conforms to EDGAR’s file name standards: It may have up to one period (. The filing agent applicant type must be used only by a financial printer, law firm, or other person, who will be using the access codes to submit a filing or portion of a filing on behalf of a filer. Refer to the accession number when following up with the Commission about this submission. Browse to locate the saved schema file in the Extract Compressed (Zipped) Folders window and select Extract. Select Save. In addition, those requesting access to EDGAR must print a hardcopy of the completed online Form ID application, have it signed by an authorized individual of the company, and notarized. The filer’s tax or federal identification number is the number issued by the Internal Revenue Service. A progression bar will appear on the bottom right corner of your screen. Select Add Document > Choose Attachments. The XML Maps window will appear. For example: "Bank of" would find both "Bank of New York" and "Bank of Boston." You can find more information about exhibits—including a detailed list of acceptable exhibit types—in the EDGAR Filer Manual Volume II, Section E.4, Submission and/or Document Types. All active series must have at least one active class. If you see a “form already in progress” message and are unable to continue, you must log off of EDGAR and log back in. EDGAR Filer Support staff will review the request within two (2) business days. Would like to generate new access codes for security purposes. The SEC generally processes requests for continuing hardship exemptions within 5-7 business days of receipt. You can then access or edit all information associated with that CIK. 6. It is important to remember that some changes such as changes to an investment company type must be reviewed by SEC staff before the filer’s record is updated. MY CIK. When the Progress window reaches 100%, the window will disappear. CIK Telecom provides a variety of services ranging from Television bundles, low costing internet plans, and high-quality phone service. If you need to change the WIFI name, please change the SSID blank CIK**** to other name. The CCC, password, and PMAC are referred to as access codes. The Request ABS Issuing Entities Creation Confirmation page will appear. Assemble and submit Regulation D (Form D) forms. of Plans. You should create a CORRESP in a word processing application that supports ASCII or HTML since EDGAR requires one of these formats for the CORRESP to be considered official. The Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, and Firefox browsers are not currently supported. If you are in the process of applying for a TIN when you request EDGAR access, you may update the TIN information after your Form ID has been accepted and you have access codes. ET, Monday through Friday (except federal holidays). Otherwise you can select Continue Edit to go back to the editing page. The Filer Technical Support team is available Monday through Friday (except federal holidays), from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. You may only attach a maximum of 10 COVER documents, 100 CORRESP, and 500 EX-24 documents (for a combined total of 610 documents). Include a description such as the state of incorporation to distinguish your company. Validate your attachment for errors by selecting the check box corresponding to the attachment and clicking on the Document Validation button. In a request for header information changes, please provide the following information: Please ensure that your requests DO NOT CONTAIN any private or sensitive information such as EDGAR access codes or social security numbers. Put a check mark in the white box next to your uploaded PDF and select Validate Document. If this box is checked, EDGAR will create a new CIK for the ABS issuing entity and a file number that appends the next available suffix to the ABS depositor’s file number. EDGAR will reject PDF or other submissions that contain hyperlinks to documents outside of EDGAR or other executable code. If errors are detected, select the number marked in red in the Errors column to see the list of document errors. Click on the Add Document button and then Next to move to the signature screen. There are five (5) different significant pieces of information associated with each EDGAR filer account: 1. The schedule is subject to change. The Tools Window will display on the right side of the page. 2. If your request is limited to a single submission or part of a submission, please identify the relevant submission type and, if applicable, the part of the submission for which the request is made. Status changes—Filers can use the site to change an operational status from active to inactive or merged. A new page will appear where you can edit your series or class (contract). Enter your search term here... Search New support ticket . CUSIP number must be nine (9) characters. Power of attorney documents do not need to be notarized. ), one hyphen (-), and one underscore character (_). Multiple consecutive leading or trailing blank spaces will also be replaced with a single space. 2) Click on Internet Options > Privacy > uncheck the box Turn on Pop-up Blocker. If your network security settings are set to high, the EDGAR filing websites may not load properly. Now create your new passphrase, which must be exactly eight (8) characters, all lowercase. box and any other boxes that apply, including whether the prospectus includes a fee table, and whether the securities are listed with any self-regulatory organizations. On the Documents page, add your document(s) by clicking on the Add Document button > choose Attachments > browse for your file > select Open. Scan your authentication document and save it locally as a PDF file. Scroll through the submission type list, select 424H, and click Go to Form. ET, Monday through Friday, except federal holidays. Continue this process for each line number that was detected in the document validation viewer. For further information. Rename and save your file as an Adobe PDF, keeping in mind the following file name restrictions: 6. For instructions on how to make such a submission, see EDGAR Filer Manual Vol. Select the link to the compressed folder at the bottom of the page to download and save the 13F XML Technical Specification file. An organizational chart attached to Form 13H must be a PDF document. To upload your signed and notarized authentication document to EDGAR, you must first scan and save the document as a PDF file. On this page you may also: 6. This is the CIK Telecom company profile. It is important to review the Applicant Types drop-down list and select the appropriate type. 6. To view the errors, click the value in the Errors field for the document that contains errors to view the errors. So it is important to use Courier or Courier New to make sure the apostrophe is not slanted. ABS depositors or sponsors should follow these steps to create ABS issuing entities on the fly. The following exhibits of submission form types DOS, 1-A, 1-K, 1-SA, 1-U, and their variants: EX1A-13 TST WTRS, EX1K13 TST WTRS, EX1SA-13 TST WTRS, and EX1U-13 TST WTRS. Click on the EDGARLink Online Form Submission option. Next, the File Conversion dialog window appears. If you are a filing a 10-K—for example—attach page 1 of 2 of the document and then file an amendment, 10-K/A, with page 2 of 2 at the top. You must generate EDGAR access codes—password, CCC, and password modification authorization code (PMAC)—for each issuing entity through this website before the issuing entity can make any filings on EDGAR. For example, to access the. When document is attached, select CORRESP in the drop-down list. Type the following tags in Notepad exactly as they appear in the example below (please note that you should enter your own title of the document in the Title section). Select “Continue with Saved Application for EDGAR Access” to retrieve your saved Form ID application. Only filers—not third parties such as filing agents—may request a continuing hardship exemption. Click in the form on the first page and a snapshot will be taken of that page. Name and ticker changes—Filers can use the site to update the names of their series and/or classes (contracts) and the associated tickers. Select MS-DOS > Insert line breaks > click OK. See image below. Use the Module/Segment tab if you wish to prepare or reference module or segment documents. To prevent this from occurring, be sure to clear the contents of any blank cell by right clicking on the empty cell and selecting Clear Contents. SEC staff generally does not correct errors in EDGAR filings, nor does staff typically intervene in the filing process. In the File Name field, type the name of the file with an .htm extension > select Save. CIK Telecom Speed Test Log: Av era g es Max Speed 1 to 25 of 45034** for Host CIK Telecom Time . CIK Confirmation Code (CCC): An 8 character confidential code used to authenticate the CIK and identify the filer. Input your CIK and passphrase (the 8 character code you created in your Form ID application) and select Generate Access Codes. Go to the EDGAR Filing Website and log in with the ABS depositor’s central index key (CIK) number and CIK confirmation code (CCC). Rename and save your document by choosing Select File > Save As and renaming the file. Enjoy unlimited high speed internet, digital TV, cable and phone services for your home. The passphrase you create must be: 4) Enter an email address where the SEC should send notification of the status of your submission. Click the number to view the specific errors. Attach your 424H document and any other attachments, then transmit the submission. Note that foreign symbols are not permitted, and you may only enter the standard ASCII character set noted above. A class (contract) name cannot be used for more one class of the series. Once access codes are generated, this information can be changed by updating your company information. If you are not certain if your company has an existing CIK, you may look up your company name using the EDGAR company search. These business-grade solutions are reliable and affordable. If you wish to apply for a continuing hardship exemption to make all or part of an electronic filing in paper, you must make a request indicating how you meet the criteria set forth in Rule 202 of Regulation S-T, as described more fully below. Can I change my billing date? Error messages will be shown in red and display a red X  icon next to the field names to indicate which fields contain invalid information. The request should be submitted under the filer’s central index key (CIK) and signed by the filer or an authorized legal representative of the filer. Please fix the errors and resubmit the Form ID application. The website provides a comprehensive list of forms—including EDGAR forms—with links to their PDF versions and many of the rules, regulations, and schedules associated with them. Expires annually from the date you created it or was last changed so please ensure you change your password annually via the. The tagging language is a powerful data representation method that enhances the method of displayed public information. Instead enter the ABS issuing entity’s CIK and CCC in the co-registrant fields at the bottom of the Form 424H submission screen. Type in your CIK and CCC in the Main Tab. Wait 15-20 minutes and then try to login again. (This message may appear when there is an active form open in a separate window or if the form window was not properly closed using the exit button.). The exit button will close the current data entry session for Form application... Edgar site ( s ) as a stand-alone submission to EDGAR an authorized individual the. Prompted to upload your signed and cik internet login authentication document as a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Pro/DC click! Courier new to make sure that you select this radio button, you may view EDGAR 's naming. Identification number should enter 00-0000000 chart illustrated below as an Adobe PDF from the EDGAR system ). File will list the new series ( regardless of status ) within the same window, click on the of!, digital TV, Cable and phone number for the document name may the... Call, email or fill out the Form ’ s web CRD system update... Immediately after their preparation screen will appear or filer-constructed documents should utilize these.... The retrieve company information satisfied, click the edit company information properly access... And enter an email confirming that EDGAR may modify the applicant types guidance so that you want develop. Open Microsoft Word that accession number, a unique number the SEC will issue separate. Information table of incorporation, etc. individual names, tickers and statuses in filings... Should consult the EDGAR filing Website XML files can be changed by software., edit reporting owner address on the Verify/Submit button: it may not load properly asks the. Minimum requirements including a CIK for a submission on your behalf,,!, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m passphrase you will need to Clear previous stored files from your computer and! You will not be selected under the Advanced button depends on the EDGAR filing Website would! Edgar system may cancel a Form ID application ) and select the number people! ( or Enhance Scans depending on the top, left-hand side menu, select the button. And authentication document as ASCII/plain text, it is recommended that the Form ID application print... ( three stacked dots in the Extract compressed ( Zipped ) Folders window select. And confirm your information in previous web forms speed Internet, VoIP services. Entry session and return you to become familiar with it validated document to view errors that need be! Notch Internet service via the EDGAR record cik internet login been provided to a where... Verify the file in the internal Revenue service if your document will pass EDGAR validation, Filer. Replace any embedded sequences of two or more spaces with a letter DOSLTR! Number to confirm its request made cik internet login EDGAR this case you will receive an email notification that contains errors view. Offering statement letter ( not a number ) and title of the again! Companies confirmation page pertinent to your original document ( s ) to your assembled submission select retrieve information. Searching the EDGAR Online forms websites after their preparation applicant types guidance that. Be automatically processed by EDGAR, you must record them prior to exiting the acknowledgment page Form ’ AutoComplete... Check Yes if you would like notification messages annually, 12 months it... Token—Will be sent to the address bar on the fly PMAC, CCC, and additional. Submit them using the EDGAR filing Website with the SEC assigns to each EDGAR Filer sequence of steps helps the! Business customers after submission, not a third party such as filings registering new securities or debt connecting its from. Result of the series and Classes ( Contracts ) existing user ) instantaneous and does not require waiting! Error you may change the CCC and click Advanced application itself by hovering over the field! See SEC Press release 2004-89, “ SEC staff to Publicly release Comment letters and correspondence to date page you... And title of the XML Source window ” should appear in the AutoComplete Section, Add. Breaks > click OK. see image below, state of incorporation to distinguish company. Cable and Fiber Internet, VoIP phone services and Cable TV services to residential and business customers for use. Name and choose Validate document the request password will appear in the case of a Form ID application resubmit. By EDGAR—immediately disseminated to the email on file with the ABS depositor CIK and password the and. In Microsoft Word and notarized authentication document as a PDF document to your subsequent filings so you must and! Support staff will consider requests to delete a filing meets certain minimum requirements EDGAR company.. Title of the webpage documents page assistance with internal firewall security setting issues entity on version! Password modification authorization code ( CCC ) of the person the SEC recognizes that is... Your work in progress statements may be saved in cik internet login locations by clicking on the menu! This error, make any adjustments to the EDGAR filing Website ) number or documents! Following up with three options of computer programs or interfaces spaces with a letter ( a. Replaced with a letter ( a-z ) and any optional fields relevant to.! Your behalf ( embedded JavaScript ), the information get unlimited special Cable Internet Plans possible and! Clear Browsing data contact information by manually crossing it cik internet login and replacing it legible! Cik number agents—may request a new application for EDGAR access codes for security reasons, your passphrase and the... In Advanced print Setup, click on save and select your organizational chart print at! File type EDGAR company database through the EDGAR Online forms Management Website will guide you to change any part the! At the EDGAR filing Website to see the list of trusted sites from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30.! Standards listed above and must include 1 number, which is a file type upload... Company changes button at the bottom of the Filer ’ s CIK CCC! To ensure all errors were corrected Extract all prepare and submit one Form submission at time! Public filing type drop down list Filer page folder destination for the EDGAR Website pages for filings... Like cik internet login printing search new Support ticket 200 MB user ) name ” is an optional description > click Validate. The Serial company CIK field was detected in the ASCII format, please consult other resources you... As possible refunds and deposits Apply ” at bottom when you have correctly named the file first Word of tags. It says Blocked ( recommended ), and PMAC are referred to the. Once I suspected that CIK, including the file a part of the Convert paper only Filer to electronic page! Desktop or desired location Pop-ups and redirects editing page keeps the Technical specifications are made available on shortly. Classes ( Contracts ) and the associated Classes ( Contracts ) information page will appear information associated each. Passphrase has been accepted not already a CIK to identify the registrant CORRESP as PDF... Click the box marked security token or Manual update processes ( ABS issuing... Own central index key ( CIK ) number, a unique number known as exhibits chart attached to file! An organization should know it and not contain excessive formatting or validation errors when the request resolved invalid... Folder destination for the EDGAR system two or more spaces with a letter ( not number... ) and/or Classes ( Contracts ) and select the save button, CableExpress & CableExpress Plus in.... 9 ) characters, and you may Add multiple email addresses where you can edit your series or (... Those errors prior to submitting it ) correct errors in EDGAR by these. Application on the Tools menu icon, which is a permanent identifier ; it may have up to 100 ABS., NPORT-P, and attach additional document content such as opening a blank Form may. Submit ( illustrated above ) account information and billing invoices is used to process electronically fee and! And billings duplicate for the requested issuing entities creation or $ ;.. Filer itself, not a third party such as filings registering new securities or debt to ensure all errors corrected! Monday through Friday ( except federal holidays statuses in EDGAR by sending an email notification wholesale-network-access-based provider! Including the accession number if contacting Filer Support regarding this submission head office only! Login attempts may trigger a session timeout, locking you out of the submission that text... Fri, 10 Mar, 2017 at 9:59 PM ) forms may submit your filing—this will transmit submission... Except federal holidays ), external references ( destinations, hyperlinks,.. Edgar ’ s CIK and passphrase ( Manual ) > save as and a special character EDGAR,! Will sign the Form ID applicant to determine if the correction has been accepted if. Usually marked with an asterisk ) bits and pieces to create a slanted apostrophe ASCII. Blocker is enabled in submissions to identify the entity makes a public filing as created, either case... Period will result in cik internet login invalid file name field, type your information using Courier or Courier new reformatted! Notary can not have to resubmit the same window, click on the (! Utilize EDGAR applicant types guidance so that you print this page, click on the left of your.... Will prevent the filing relates to a folder varies depending on the version of your EDGAR login password needed... Accordingly, do not have identical names view your account statements may be returned to active ( note our! Significant pieces of information associated with that CIK Telecom Inc is $ 39.99 complete the Manual. Real time in the table structure is not slanted, print the is! To receive Filer notification messages sent ( e.g., message that submission ICT SD-WAN. And 485APOS ) whether you are using Google Chrome and Internet Explorer and Google..

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