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Dr. Blaskovich treated me for my tennis elbow.  Although my first treatment was painful, I noticed major improvement right away.  After just a few treatments my tennis elbow had completely healed and I have not had a problem since. I now go in for maintenance care, and I feel great.

Christine Lucas,
Langley, BC

I was recently rear-ended in a car accident. A friend told me about the Whiplash Clinic, so I gave them a call. The receptionist was so friendly & helpful, she got me in for an appointment the next day.  The atmosphere in the office was really inviting and I could tell that the doctor really cared about getting to the root of my problem so that he could fix me properly and I could return to life’s activities. In the past I’ve jumped from therapist to therapist only to have my symptoms worked on, but the pain would always return again and again.  I’m amazed at how being helped by someone dedicated to finding the cause of my pain and treating that specifically made my recovery time so quick!

Mission, BC

I was having trouble with pain in my shoulder at work while lifting ojbects or twisting my arm a certain way. I was concerned that something was wrong with the structure of my shoulder and it was causing the pain.  I had the motion x-ray done by Dr. Blaskovich, and I could actually see my shoulder moving through my arm’s range of motion, I thought that was really neat. Not only was this technology able to show me that structurally my shoulder was in perfect shape, it showed that the soft tissue surrounding my shoulder was injured. With just a couple treatments of the injured area, my shoulder is feeling much better and I don’t have the pain anymore.

Walnut Grove, BC

While jumping on a trampoline with a friend, my 10 year old daughter was double-bounced unexpectedly. She noticed some mild pain right away but didn’t really complain until a couple days later. Thinking that physiotherapy would be the best treatment for her, I took her to a local clinic.  After serveral sessions we stopped going for treatment because it seemed to be getting worse. Months later my daughter was still complaining of lower back pain and what she described as ‘weakness’ in her back, so I took her to Dr. Blaskovich at the Whiplash Clinic. I was so impressed at the thoroughness of his initial examination of my daughter and of the way that he took the time to explain what was going on, he made her feel completely at ease. Right away, it was discoverd that she had sprained the ligaments in her mid to lower back transition area. She was treated that day and then after a few follow-up sessions, she is now enjoying pain-free movement and has resumed her normally active lifestyle. Thank you!

Cloverdale, BC

Nearly a year ago, I was involved in a sea-doo accident in which I was struck while in the water. Luckily my life vest took the majority of the impact above my shoulder but my jaw and upper arm did take some of the impact. After seeing my doctor and then going to several physiotherapy sessions I was still experiencing headaches and I couldn’t take a bite of anything hard or chew for any length of time without a lot of pain. Finally, I had the opportunity to see Dr. Blaskovich who examined me, then he treated the tissues in my neck and under my jaw. After my first treatment I noticed a significant improvement. In a total of three treatments, I am headache free and can enjoy most foods without pain. Thank you Dr. Blaskovich!

White Rock, BC

Eighteen years ago I was invloved in a motor vehicle accident that left me with daily headaches. I had many x-rays taken and I have tried many kinds of therapy including chiropractic, physiotherapy and massage as well I had on-going gym memberships to stretch and strengthen my neck muscles to help alleviate the headaches. Over the years, the headaches decreased but never went away permanently and the mild daily heachaches continued. These headaches have ruled my life affecting many of my activities including my schooling. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered the DMI (dynamic motion imaging) which enbled me to see the motion of my neck vertabrae and the soft tissue around it. It has now been diagnosed that my alar ligaments (the ligaments that hold my first and second neck bones together) were torn and are causing the instability of my neck ultimately resulting in neck dysfunction and headaches. All the therapy I had received over the years was not treating the cause of my pain and could have potentially caused more damage. I have been seeking chiropractic care with these new digital motion image findings, and the treatments I am receiving are targeting the proper areas and the headaches that I had been experiencing are finally improving.

Langley, BC

After more than 10 years of serious weight training I have endured dozens of injuries. I had seen more than a dozen chiropractors/physiotherapists and had tried everything from IMS Therapy to Acupuncture without much success. I had accepted that many of these injuries would never fully heal. Then I had my first “Torture Session” (as I affectionately call it) with Dr. Blaskovich! His deep tissue massage and fascia stretching combined with the stretching techniques he gave me has given me new hope! Within only a month or two of treatment I had a remarkable 80% recovery in my shoulder pain and could actually barbell benchpress again! (Something I hadn’t been able to do for 4 years!) Currently I see Dr. Blaskovich every month or two for some soft tissue work. Thanks guys!

Corbin C.,
Langley, BC


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